fathoming with a night owl

The interesting thoughts of Laurs mind:

02/20/17: life never is fair. I know that, but I know more about it right now. I need coffee. or a milkshake

02/21/17: this is during the day but I just turned 18 and I kinda want another tattoo because thatd be fun- maybe I should just be less reckless and try to win the lottery!?

02/27/17: What if everyone did their hair and makeup the night before school so that they could sleep in????? Would that even work

03/04/17: Due to the excessive amount of lemonade powder that I ate for my psych project,  if I consume even more water, is there technically actual lemonade in my stomach. Is my stomach a large mixing bowl???

03/06/17:  This isn’t a thought it is a pet peeve. When there is a perfectly good parking spot to pull into at the high school and the car behind that perfectly good spot does not pull up all the way. ALSO. When people snap chat me in the morning and are like RECENTS/STREAKS. NO. Say good morning or hello to me like a normal person. I would like to be cared for by people……

03/09/17: Why is there so much hate in the world for people that others may not know all that well. Why can’t we all love each other and be peaceful.

Also. Late night tidbit- don’t be afraid to set big goals and dreams. They are reachable.

03/25/17: Do you guys ever think some people will die after high school because they cannot use common sense!?

05/22/17: I learned that chameleons only change color by their mood and not by trying to blend in……I am upset.