Importance To May

To be honest, May has always been a month to me. Just another month of the year, nothing super special. As a senior, this month is straight chaos and full of planning. With graduation being around the corner I have my open house to plan for. this what it is like to plan for … Continue reading Importance To May



apparently I'm as tempting as a little kid is to candy she will never be able to fill the void of your never ending goodbyes she will never kiss you like I did or hug you and have her head be by your heart because she isn't my height. she isn't me she will never … Continue reading temptation


I felt as if the title of this does and doesn't make sense for this type of blog but you know what, poetry does not make sense so I am going to run with it. Plus it is a big word and isn't that what poetry is. JUST KIDDING. I have over the past week … Continue reading Endearing