Importance To May

To be honest, May has always been a month to me. Just another month of the year, nothing super special. As a senior, this month is straight chaos and full of planning. With graduation being around the corner I have my open house to plan for. this what it is like to plan for … Continue reading Importance To May


Concentration or Hesitation

For some reason right now this "hand clap game" is stuck in my head. You know like the "lets play, concentration, no repeats, or hesitations, I'll go first, and you go last, category is, BLANK". So in English the other day we talked about our fears. Thats a new one. I am normally a vulnerable … Continue reading Concentration or Hesitation


apparently I'm as tempting as a little kid is to candy she will never be able to fill the void of your never ending goodbyes she will never kiss you like I did or hug you and have her head be by your heart because she isn't my height. she isn't me she will never … Continue reading temptation


I felt as if the title of this does and doesn't make sense for this type of blog but you know what, poetry does not make sense so I am going to run with it. Plus it is a big word and isn't that what poetry is. JUST KIDDING. I have over the past week … Continue reading Endearing