Its really not that hard to put in effort. It really isn't. My thing is, is that am I worth your effort? Can you still be best friends with your ex?? My view is a hard no. You cant. You simply just cant. If you had feelings there in the first place and you did … Continue reading Effort


Midlife crisis possible?

Hey Y'all, I have not written on my blog in a while and to be quite honest, I miss it dearly. I miss my creative outlets such as writing and journaling and art. Sure they are possible to do in my free time but I want them as a class. I want a class or … Continue reading Midlife crisis possible?


I have to say this life out of high school has changed me. Ive taken a look at the things for better and the things for worse. What can actually hurt you and help you and why they happen. People become more people when they aren't confined to something they are suppose to be. People … Continue reading Changed

1/3 or 1/2

1/2 is a little bigger than 1/3 but I will take it. It is better than 1/4 but anything is better with someone that you love. I personally have no clue how you can take someones joy away. What satisfaction do people find in making people do things that they do not want to do. … Continue reading 1/3 or 1/2