About Laur

I am weird. Simple as that, very silly. I live to be myself and will be nothing other than that. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor so be prepared! I as well love quotes, so being on Pinterest is a hobby of mine. I am very involved with show choir as well as theatre. I absolutely love music. It speaks miles to me. Alternative is my favorite. I also play the ukulele so thats a fun fact! I enjoy working out. Yes, I just said working out, like running. I promise I am not uptight about music, I have an athletic side to me as well haha!

I am very strong in my faith. I believe that God has a plan and that every happens for a reason. With this being said, I enjoy the little things in life. Like coffee. I am a huge caffeine addict and appreciate sitting down in little coffee shops to just chill and listen to life. I consider myself an avid ponderer. I also consider myself a chatter box. I love talking to people and giving a helping hand. Giving advice is one of my favorite things to do.

Anywayssssss…. I am very awkward and when I talk about myself, I ramble…..a lot. Like I don’t know what to say besides random facts like how yellow cars make me anxious. Like a yellow beetle won’t make me cringe because thats like their “given” color, but for a random Honda to be yellow or like bring pink, thats just a no.

I hope you enjoyed this weird snippet of me.

Love, The girl that jams out to vinyls in her room