About Laur

So… for all of you that have actually read through this before I it is new. I have started a new journey in life, college. No worries I am still the same person that went in, just changed, for the better that is.

I still listen to vinyls and buy them too often. I find that I find my peace by jamming out in the car and writing. I have found myself very independent and a “college hipster at that”. I am not for sure how you define a hipster but I wear flannels and other jackets of that sort and use the pockets to carry things. I find alternative music soothing but a bop.

I am rambling. Wow. SOOOO

I love coffee, flannels, writing poetry, Pinterest, jamming out in the car, dancing, and you know the usual Lauren things, like rings and millions of bracelets and the right type of worn in converse.

I don’t know what to say about me besides I am 1/4 asian and thrive off of local coffeeshops. I am open to many questions and love to talk about life, so off the top of my head I am just me, I cannot describe me. But ask me about life and I can let ya know what it is.

I hope you enjoy my tomfoolery on this website,

xoxo, Laur