Midlife crisis possible?

Hey Y’all,

I have not written on my blog in a while and to be quite honest, I miss it dearly. I miss my creative outlets such as writing and journaling and art. Sure they are possible to do in my free time but I want them as a class. I want a class or a job to be enjoyable. I have spent, who know show long in college and I feel that my creativity has diminished, I can only simply doodle in books while reading or express my opinions to other friends that have theirs.

College is a little like high school. You still find close minded people and you still find cliquey mean girls but that is just how life roles. In college there is no such thing as popularity and if you want to wear your PJ’s to class you can. If you have to pee in a lecture, go?. College gives you the freedom you’ve been yearning for. Its that good freedom. The one that throws you into the world and is like “well, have fun”. It makes you realize what being 18 years old really means.

It means if you’re sick you call the clinic yourself, you don’t have mom and dad do it. If you have a problem with the way someone is treating you, you tell them, and if you want to take a shower at 4 in the morning after you order Jimmy Johns at 3, do it. You don’t have a curfew but you have to take care of yourself. This means remembering to brush your teeth, to do your own dishes. It has its pros and cons.

I can say that college has changed me. I have matured. I know how to interact with 24 year olds that help teach classes rather than being like “wow you’re old and scary”. I have learned that your education matters. As cliche as that sounds it is, we are in college to get a decent educational background so that we can earn a living, but it also teaches you to have fun on the way. I have always been a certain way about my major… I’m not going to change it. But here we are, of course I want to change it. I sit in class and have no art, no English, and not even gym. I hate having 3 hours of reading a textbook. I miss having to paint as stressful as that is sometimes. College shows people to find what makes them happy. Why pay $21,000 to be stressed and anxious and worried about school? If thats how you are thats how you are going to be working in that field. While I am very not set on chaining my major I have time to do so. People freak out at the fact that they have to graduate in 4 years…. no… you don’t. There really is nothing such as class. It goes by credits. You really can stay in college however long you want, you’re the one paying. If you think about it, if you really only go to college for 4 years, you may have to go back for your Masters! So in reality, you’re still going .

People need to realize that college is like life. Take it as fast or as slow as you want. Learn and grow from it. I now realize why older adults tell us to do what makes us happy.

I guess just somethings I have learned and wanting to write helped.

To write again soon,

xoxo, Laur


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