1/3 or 1/2

1/2 is a little bigger than 1/3 but I will take it. It is better than 1/4 but anything is better with someone that you love.

I personally have no clue how you can take someones joy away. What satisfaction do people find in making people do things that they do not want to do. Do people know others are living in fear because of you. This world is already a horrible enough place.

How are people religious enough to judge others? How can you preach the word of Him but your actions do not follow it. Actions speak louder than words, anyone can understand that.

My actions, I don’t know what I did. The unhappiness that is brought upon some people, is brought upon others. More of a domino than anything.

School is hard and so is life. Why do they both have to be impossible to accomplish at both times. Why can’t 18 year olds be adults? Why can’t we be treated like them

I guess I just still don’t understand the world I am going into after graduation, and I never will



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