Granny Gay

Well my dudes, today is senior citizen day. If only I could truly get a discount on food or something. Today I have stuffed my butt and put on my fanciest baby powder. Just kidding I look ridiculous. I still feel dizzy from this crash but doing better. I am personally just worn out… like a lot.

Today I have more of a rant than anything else. Administration at my school is taking away the old peoples’ canes and walkers. What the heck. We are ten to one limping and not hitting each other with them. Along with that they are starting to say the pillows in our butts are distracting. Personally I feel that the turtle and unicorn mini pillow pet stuffed in my butt is not sexy. I do not think anything would be more off putting than looking like an old lady. Secondly, even the teachers do not understand why they are not allowing these. I feel as if the administration is out for the senior class. We can’t have anything special. This is one reason I would like out of high school.

For tomorrow we have a senior bike ride…. starting at 6.30 in the morning. I am not gonna be able to get up that early. Like give me coffee or something, so we shall see.

Today is a better and hopefully tomorrow is classified as best. Tonight I have a choir banquet to basically say goodbye to the seniors. Hopefully I do not cry, maybe I will.

Until tomorrow, xoxo, Laur


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