hippy dippy

IMG_5993So today I am a hippy for career day. I would actually love to travel around to concerts when I am older and I absolutely love this style of fashion. To me it is super cute and comfortable.

So, I know I should try to continue a theme but I am far too tired. Last night I was in a car accident and got rear ended. This cause me to obtain severe whiplash and a concussion. I  could not tell you why I am so tired from this. Its like when I got hit, God was like ALRIGHT, we are gonna put all the sleep she didn’t get into her. My eyes have not been able to focus in the first place but now I am just certainly too tired. So I figured that I could give you guys an update. My blogs may be short from now on. Hopefully this will go away soon

Until next time

xoxo, Laur


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