Importance To May

To be honest, May has always been a month to me. Just another month of the year, nothing super special. As a senior, this month is straight chaos and full of planning. With graduation being around the corner I have my open house to plan for. Like…is this what it is like to plan for a wedding!?? I have to decide what food I want and how many cookies versus cupcakes for people and wow. I am stressed. I have to pick out colors for center pieces and decided the decorations for my photo booth and right now I am just running out of breath typing this. Why…. what is a good question.

I am beyond excited to get out of high school. I do realize that there are immature people in the world and that sometimes people will always be petty but dude, I have been stuck with everyone for so long. Like technically since middle school and before. I want new. I crave change. While it is scary and I am not always a fan of change I am so beyond excited to meet new people. I have always wanted to join a sorority and I am hoping that I can make it into one. Alongside doing extra things I want to study something that I find interest in. I am sick of sitting in this math class trying to understand the area of a drag triangle! Like, this is not for me. I wanted to go out into the world and help people. Not sit here trying to help myself from drowning in senior year.

After graduating I think I am most ready for the summer. People that want to stick with me will. I can star gaze with my friends and just let life be for a while. I can just chill. Drive in movies, swimming, doing things that 18 year olds do. Wellll not exactly because some things are not the most legal so lets not go to jail! I just want freedom and to be chill. I do realize that my parents are the most chill with me but freedom from the worries of school work and trying to have the expectation of maintaining a decent GPA.

Well I shall keep you updated on my worries of graduating even though I believe I will

xoxo, Laur


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