Back to the Drink Where We Began

So I guess I will start with a back story for you all. Jacob and I have been married for 2 years now and we were engaged for 4. Happily found each other in a Starbucks. Wow super tacky and “basic” I know but he’s my life and is the world to me.

It all started on a random Tuesday night. Something, apparently God, made me craving for coffee. I honestly could not tell you why but I normally drink coffee when I am super tired. That night, I was not tired. So I took my journal and headed off.
I listened to some pretty hipster music on my way there to get into the writing mood. After getting there it wasn’t so busy. Some man in a suit with a classy red tie sipping on his freshly poured coffee. He looked more like a pike roast kind of guy to me. There were a few teenagers studying what looked like math, eww, at the community table and that was about it.
As for me, I preferred a carmel macchaito.
My name was called after they made it and I went to grab it. As I noticed they forgot to give me a straw I whipped around to go to the little island they have that have the napkins on it and I ran straight into a guy. My drink went everywhere. Mainly on him. I sort of wasn’t complaining because he was cute and his white shirt suddenly got wet on his washboard abs but I profusely apologized. He had not issue with helping me clean it up. This was my first encounter with Jacob. He told me to grab a table for us as he ran out to his car to get a spare one. In my head I though oh, a guy that is prepared and cute. I had just gotten out of a relationship with this other guy, and yeah lets not talk about how horrible he was.
Later on I found myself in his deep conversation about our lives just giggling the time away. I hadn’t even opened my journal that I had brought. He noticed I had it though and asked if I was a writer. I giggled and told him about how I love journaling about life and the cutest thing happened. He went “here let me liven this up for you with my number” and took my journal and pen and gave it to me. Being the romantic that Jacob is he even remembers the look on my face when he gave it to me.

Not many girls are lucky to say that they have run into such a gentleman in public but I, I got lucky


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